“A New Take on the Deckbuilding Roguelike Genre”

“Choose your Hero. Choose your Companion. Choose your Cards.

And Dive in Oresa to Face it’s many perils in Face-opaced Missions”

Fork Improvement System

Cards don’t just get better. Whenever you have to chose and upgrade , you have to make a difficult choice. There is not one option, but two.

Companion System

Each time you dive into the depths of the city of Oresa, you must choose a companion for your hero.

With unique powers it’s dozens of combinations develop your own play-style or try improbable duos.

Zone System

Learn how to fend off your opponents at the right time to avoid their attacks, position them so you can throw each other, or line them up for a super attack.

Explore the Undercity

and discover what lies beneath

Walk The City

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